Thursday, February 18, 2010

When you are at work and the lights go out

My regular hours, official hours, the general hours when I can for certain be found at my desk on campus, more or less, are from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. The sun retreats sometime around that time. And today, I have chosen to continue to work until 7 to try to get some of those things done or gather up things to work on at home when I may or may not have internet access (like downloading the 400 or so remaining photos of students and staff that I have not uploaded to Koha yet).

Suddenly, the power goes out. The emergency lights, the florescent bulbs with a little orange light next to them, seem to have been burned out...or are generally not working. So it is pitch black. As in can't see the fingers I have in front of me. Save for the glow of my laptop. The power is out for the lights and facilities, but the wifi still works. And I work on a laptop, so the battery still works. I just keep downloading and typing away in the pitch dark. My eyes are bad enough that I find myself scootched up as close as possible to the screen, which lessened its light output to save battery time. And I get through about 50 when the lights return. I am quite sure I must have looked like a hunchback, hunkered over my laptop as I was as the student outside of my window gave me a good smile and chuckle.

I do enjoy the little things getting done. And now it is truly time for the weekend. I hope very much to enjoy the ride home.

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