Monday, February 1, 2010

Conversation about a fire alarm

At work on Sunday, I had noticed that the newly installed fire alarm was beeping at regular intervals. I asked a local colleague if it had been reported to facilities and he said that the security office had installed it and said that we got the kind of alarm that beeps. I mentioned that the alarm beeps because it needs a new battery. He said, no, the alarm that we have beeps to let us know that it is working.

So when my other colleague arrived, I asked her if the noise bothered her and she said she would call security to check to see. She did and security staff came over relatively promptly.

I told the man from security that the battery needed to be changed; that the fire alarm needed a new battery, but he said, no, the battery is new. Just some of the fire alarms beep and others just have the light. I said I would prefer to just have the light, then. And so he went and got another fire alarm and this one just had the blinking red light. He installed it and we all said thank you and appreciated his efforts.

I am going to bring in one of my duracell 9v batteries tomorrow. When I look up at the fire alarm now above my desk, it does not seem to be blinking any more.


  1. There's a little light in my car that blinks like that - I've sometimes wondered what it's for. I'm glad it doesn't beep as well.

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