Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About a Filing Cabinet

Today, one of the library staff had to get something out of one of our filing cabinets. In doing so, somehow, the top drawer became dislodged and fell in.

The first step was to ask our janitorial staff to assist. When this started to fail, H., a library staff member gave advice and looked at the progress. Eventually it was concluded that the cabinet was broken.

Then our library director dropped by and mentioned that he had fixed that before. We waited a while and when L., another library staff member, had waited enough, she asked him to assist.

We took everything out and sorted the parts and then nearly gave up when I threw off my headscarf and said, no, we can get this fixed!* You just need a little tenacity.

With a little more analysis and a lot of elbow grease (literally, greasy), we put it together following the director's known experience looking for that little switch that allows you to disconnect the carrier that holds the file drawer from the main mechanism. I found it and that was that. File drawers fixed.

Hands washed and all is well.

*I think that I said something like, 'no, this can be fixed! [then threw off headscarf that had been getting caught by the various components] I am an American!"


  1. Who did you throw off your headscarf in front of?

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