Saturday, January 30, 2010

In Kabul - Second Day

I woke up my second day in Kabul with no electricity. This was to be my first day on campus.

I had not turned up my heat enough in my room overnight and I was quite cold. I took a shower in the bathroom, enjoying only the light from the rising sun through a 1' x 1' window. I readied myself for the day.

I arrived on campus on the regularly scheduled on the hour shuttle. I was greeted by Mike and began a quick tour on the way to the Human Resources offices on the AUAf campus. I was swept through with a tour by the Director of HR. I visited all of the major administrative offices: Finance, IT, the President's office, etc.

Then to the library where I met my colleagues, Laila and Hamayoun along with Mike. We had lunch together and shared some good conversations.

This is Wednesday and I tried to get as much done as possible with regard to technology and paperwork.

I came home in the late afternoon, but before the end of the workday. Power had been restored, but within half an hour it was out again.

It is raining and cold.

I was starting to feel a cold coming in to my sinuses. It was starting to feel like Kabul was a very uncomfortable place. So when the sun went down, I put myself to bed. Not pouting, but feeling like I wanted a little more control over my environment and health. Neither was coming very quickly.


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